Can anyone here successfully establish a pptp VPN connection from latest KDE ?

In previous versions my usual vpn connection worked without a hitch, but in the latest, I click on the “edit connections” button on the plasmoid network manager, go through making the settings, all is saved ok and seems fine but when trying to actually connect it just hangs on “connecting”, it stays there for a couple of mins and then simply stops, ready to be started again, no actual freeze, no error messages, it just wont connect. and, I know it’s not actually physically doing something because the lights on my router re not flashing busily as they always do when this type of connection is being established.

Of course I have double & triple checked that there was no problem with the VPN service itself by connecting from my Win 7 machine and from a Linux Mint Mate install on another machine, all connect instantly without hitch.

I’m typing this from a different machine but I’m pretty sure KDE is version 4.10.1 or 4.10.2, has anyone else had this problem or can anyone duplicate this situation?

On 04/13/2013 12:26 PM, icekool wrote:
> has anyone else had this problem or can anyone duplicate this situation?

have not had and won’t try to duplicate (i’m not on 12.3)

there is a fatal flaw in the 12.3 distribution mentioned in the
release notes
(and hundreds of posts here) wherein the Network Manager is useless
until after the first reboot…so i ask, since installing, and the
boot which kicks off the second phase of the install…have you
booted? if not, try that first.

if that does not help, and until a real guru sees your post, you can
look though the interesting among:


thanks for your reply, yes I have rebooted many times over a few days, applied updates etc

bump… hoping to hear from anyone that knows anything about this, if possible

Well, I haven’t used pptp for a while now, but vpnc works fine here.

Please check that you’re really only using NetworkManager.service:

systemctl status network.service
systemctl status NetworkManager.service
systemctl status network.service
systemctl -p Id show network.service

See also: