Caja won't open after Tumbleweed update

Hello there,

For weeks now, I had to rollback updates and after running sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper dup and running the upgrade I am able to reboot up perfectly fine and everything works great, except for Caja (MATE’s file manager) which doesn’t start up at all, and when I try to launch it via the Terminal for a bit more debugging information, all it comes up with is: Segmentation Fault (core dumped). This as I said before has been going on for 2-3 weeks already, in which time I would have hoped that the developers might have fixed the issue by now. When I rollback the update everything works perfectly fine again…

Can you please help me overcoming this and if there is a way to update everything else apart from just caja? Or some other kind of solution possibly? I don’t like having to hold everything back just because of one damn application that doesn’t work…I might be missing how to do it if there’s a way.

Many thanks in advance.

OMG thank you very much. That was so weird though and I wish the solution was more obvious/fixed for the end user rather than having to pull the hair for weeks…but thanks again anyway, this has fixed the issue.

Maybe come earlier with your problem to ask the other openSUSE users here on the forums?

Well, yes, but as I mentioned before, as it is usually the case, these sort of things usually get resolved on their own with patched updates so I thought it works be the case here too. But it didn’t so thought of coming here.

When you think so, you should not pull your hair at the same time :wink: