Cache Flash video / BBC / Flash settings

I use BBC iPlayer. Trouble is the feed doesn’t seem to stream the video as fast as it can, it just keeps giving you a little at a time.

In youtube for example, the feed keeps coming even when you pause it. This doesn’t seem to happen with the BBC.

I did right click on the flash image and put the setting for file storage to unlimited, but it doesn’t seem to have helped

Any advice welcome.


strange, i use the iplayer as well, never had this problem. Have you tried increasing your browser’s cache ?


I have increased my browser cache, but have not used the player since. I’ll see how I get on.
I feel it should be possible to find the .flv file in FF cache so I have upped the storage there to 750mb, which should be enough - I think.

Do you find the files stream continues even when it’s paused - my router stops flashing after a minute or so - So I assume it’s not continuing to feed thru. If you get what I mean. (like I said about youtube - you can seed it continue to feed)

I’ll be interested hear your comments.

Cheers Andy

mine continues the stream, even when paused. I can pause it 5-10 seconds in & let it buffer the whole program,then watch. just been watching the womens 400m olympic winner with no problems


That’s odd. I just tried it and mine doesn’t do that. I went to FF cache which had just been emptied, and nothing of any substance there.

I am now wondering what settings I might have different in this area than you?

could be a browser difference, i use Seamonkey, let me try Firefox & see what happens


I use SM too always for suse forums

I just tried it in SM too and same as FF

Do you actually get a .flv file created?

hmm, doesn’t work the same in FF as SM. & i did get an flv in Seamonkey, nothing in FF. very strange,have to look into this



I’ll be interested on your reporting back on this when you have time. It’s kind of bugging me now - you know how it is - we like to have things just so.

It was a couple of months or so ago, I sent a message to the BBC making some suggestions, having first given them a little praise for including Linux, one thing I suggested was a Watch in High Quality. Only it’s a struggle to watch - keeps pausing to catch up. The beeb is only feeding me at a trickle. I can open a .iso download in another window at the same time - and it will scream down at near my max ,adsl max 8mb - entanet. So it’s not my line. I’m v. close to my exchange.

Thanks for your trouble so far friend.


hmm, appears it’s not the beeb at fault this time. Even tried it out on the neighbours line & windows machine ( not mine, no windows here,except the glass type :smiley: ) same problem in firefox,wasn’t caching,so it appears to be a firefox & flash thing. Seamonkey in windows caches as i expected.
Have you got the latest version ? check about:config & make sure the cache is set correctly there, once found i had set the cache for 100mb & checked about:config & that showed 10mb.Also check your version of flash,mine is 9.0r124


Cache is fine in SM about:config
SM verMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080715 SUSE/1.1.11-1.1 SeaMonkey/1.1.11
flash is from 11 default updates

Thanks. I’ll see how I go. Have to go out now, Will report back later
Cheers Andy

if you are with BT, have a read of this Support Forums: BB line drops when watching BBC iPlayer … seems to be an on-going thing


Yeah. But my line doesn’t drop. I have a BT line but ISP is NOT BT. But is Entanet.

Anyway, I used VBox today with an XP install in it and used the BBC iplayer downloader. Not really the solution I was looking for, you can only watch the videos in windows.

So really, I haven’t found a solution to the Cache problem - which is all it amounts to. I can’t understand why your SM is Caching the .flv?

Could it possibly be??: That I use _64 browser with the plug-in to work flash. Are you 32 or 64 platform and if _64 do you use 32bit browser?


AAAHHH!! 64bit. I’m 32bit on my laptop. AFAIK, the flash plugin on 64bit doesn’t work as good as 32bit


Strange though, because it’s only the BBC (so far) that doesn’t cache the video.

I’m just thinking now as I write - I didn’t check to see what happened in XP when I was using it. Guess I may have to live with it for the time being. But thanks for all your replys/time Andy.



No problem, only wish i could solve this one


Well I tried IE7 - FF and SeaMonkey in XP
None Cache the file.