Bye-bye CherryTree. Suggested replacement?

Hello! I am about to upgrade TW and I noticed CherryTree is going to be removed. I have a handful (uh… a rather large handful…) of academic notes made with CT over the last 3 or 4 years, and I wish to ask a few questions:
a) Is there any application that you could recommend and I can use to replace CT?
b) Is it possible to back up my CT data so that I can keep using it with said application?
c) Is CT coming back? (;_; I know, I know: not the smartest of questions, and perhaps no straight answer available)

Additionally; is there a list of software scheduled for removal? I’ve read python2-based software is going to be removed, and I was wondering how to somehow take preventive measures so that I don’t end up annoyingly begging for advice on backups.

Thank you for reading! And thanks in advance for any kind help or advice you can share.


b) Most probably. If it doesn’t has an export function, check cherry tree hidden folder(s) under ~, ~/config, ~/local, etc.

c) No idea. Someone (you?) might fork it. :wink:

Another alternative is to create a virtual machine with the minimum oS necessary and install cherry tree. Then you’ll have it “forever”, just backup the VM.

Since pstoedit went deprecated it requires an outdated version of ghostscript to support pdf/dxf conversion. So I built a VM in virtualbox with oS 42.3 command line only with it installed. In your case you may need a desktop environment too.

Thank you for your kind reply!
The suggested answer to item “c” is quite lovely, but unfortunately I don’t think I can fork it quick enough for anyone to benefit from it. I’m a GNU/Linux enthusiast, but not an expert programmer… not even a beginner programmer (I’m an anthropologist! haha)
I’ll try to export the notes and pick them up with either zim or joplin, or maybe move them to another machine with Leap on it. Thank you again! lol!

The first thing you can do is to lock the installed package. That would avoid removal of it and its deps.

It will probably be back in the Summer (UK) as c++ by the looks: C++ version · Issue #654 · giuspen/cherrytree · GitHub

lol! Great news! Thank you!

Oooh! Brilliant! Thank you!

Just kidding. Once I lamented the demise of and application in the chit-chat forum (because it became too difficult to fix for the constant kde 4->5 changes IINM), someone - probably from the time when men were men and compiled their own kernel/desktop/applications (i.e., linux prehistory) , got very “vocal” that I should not complain - although I wasn’t, just lamenting - but man up and maintain it. Yeah, right. I’d probably start understating how the thing worked right before a band of very angry debt collectors put my door down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently trying a test build of the ‘future’ branch, hopefully get something to work…

In the event someone finds this thread before cherrytree is ported to C++, you can still have cherrytree on tumbleweed so your existing notes are not stranded.

You need two things

  • cherrytree
  • python-gtksourceview

both are available from suse download for tumbleweed under the community/experimental.

(The spell check will not work you need the very outdated “python-enchant”)