Busy cursor?

Finally upgraded my main computer to 11.2. There’s 2 busy cursors, right? One for “I’m not taking any input”, and one for “I’m busy, but I’ll take input.” From memory, the first one I’m used to seeing in yast, and is just the spinning thing. While the second one I’m used to seeing in firefox and is the pointer with the spinning thing next to it.

Anyway, the second one doesn’t happen any more. Any ideas?

Different cursor-theme?

And that would be set where, exactly?

That depends on the desktop environment you use.

Short answer would be gnome.

That answer seems long enough for me, but since I don’t know much about GNOME, someone else has to explain how to configure mousecursor-themes. In the meantime you could take a look → here. Good luck!

Yeah, my google-fu didn’t find anything either. Even adding 2.28 to your query didn’t help. Been using less and less of gnome, maybe time to drop it completely.

Should be in the desktop config stuff.

I’m KDE all the way :wink: