bulk rename utility for Linux with undo operation

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I use bulk rename utility called advanced renamer in Windows. I use the above frequently to rename files and again undo the previous renamed files.

advanced renamer has a lot of features like regex, adding incremental numbers to names, changing the case etc.,. It can rename not only files but also folders in the same way. It has the capability to undo the previous renamed files and folders. It can work effectively for 10000 entries without any loss in files or folders while renaming.

I am searching for the similar application with GUI in Linux. I found Metamorphose which best suits for my need but when I try to install it it is showing many dependencies need to be installed. When I try to install those dependencies again the package manager is showing many dependencies need to be installed etc.,. At first when I tried to install
Metamorphose it suggested to install libQt5core.so… but when I searched for libQt5core in package manager it is showing libQt5core has already been installed.

Can you try to suggest any bulk rename utility with GUI similar as advanced renamer or atleast having few features found in advanced renamer. Can you suggest any such app with undo operation.

Many of you may suggest to study and experiment shell programming may be you are correct but for the time being can you suggest any GUI already created.


Click on “Show unstable packages” for your distribution version. The packages needed are included with 42.2/42.3.

With one click install in the link specified by you the package has been successfully installed. Previously I have downloaded from some other site so I got a number of errors.

The app is not functioning properly ie., I want to rename all the files containing in a specific folder say .opus to .mp3. I have selected the folder but it is not showing the files in the folder. GUI is also not properly showing I mean I can’t see the total screen of the app window ie., half of the screen is not shown.

Due to the above reasons is there any other app which is suitable for my need.

krename (you should find it in the official repositories, and it does work, I know as I use it!)

Whether it is suitable for your own needs… only you can evaluate that :wink:

Le 01/11/2017 à 18:36, rupeshforu3 a écrit :

> Due to the above reasons is there any other app which is suitable for my
> need.

probably not.

But may be you don’t ask what is the most effective.

Why on the earth should you have to make a so extensive task, specially
with the undo capability?

May be there is from the beginning a way not to have this to do?

can you share what is the practical use of this work?



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