Bulk mail folder in Firefox

A new folder called Bulk Mail has appeared in my list of folders on the AOL file server. It isn’t possible to delete it and it seems to be attracting junk mail. Has anyone else got this? Is it a legitimate folder?

I don’t see it on my other desktop PC running Leap 42.3, but the icon for the spam folder on that PC is the same as for the Bulk Mail folder. So perhaps it’s the same function with a different name. :\

Oops, the above post should refer to Mozilla Thunderbird, not Firefox! >:(

Just guessing – do you have account with AOL (.co.uk)?
If so, then you should be able to login via a web interface to manage the services provided by AOL in the UK – mail, file server, telephone, DSL, mobile telephone account(s), whatever …
[HR][/HR]If the services being provided by AOL in the UK are being provided “free of charge” and, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) – AKA “VoIP provider” – is someone else then, it’s quite unusual, these days, for an ISP to not provide file server services and e-Mail account services as part of your monthly Internet and Telephone bill.

  • In other words, “if you’ve paid for it, use it” …

Yes, I do have an AOL account and I can log in to the email section and look at the folders that I see in Thunderbird. However, the Bulk Mail folder is not shown in the AOL list.

My AOL account was taken over and is run by TalkTalk, which is who I pay for the internet/phone services so the situation is not simple. I think I may have to contact them to find out what is happening.

Wikipedia states that:

AOL Broadband closed to new business in 2014, although some AOL content is available to TalkTalk customers.

It seems however that, TalkTalk also have an “own” e-Mail service …
[HR][/HR]I must admit that my ISP pampers me: up to 100 e-Mail accounts with a choice of IMAP or POP3 access, plus a “Cloud” (located at the ISP) accessible via the DSL Router, plus telephony, plus mobile telephony, plus an “own” (family) internet domain, plus web-server services … :wink:

On closer examination, it looks as if the “Spam” folder in my account is being renamed somehow. I’ve contacted AOL customer services so hopefully they will sort it out.