Building desktop system - need help - amd5 ddr5 - terminology

I bought memory 32gb 4800 ddr5 with error checking. One stick.

Choosing motherboard:

ASUS TUF Gaming A620M-PLUS(WiFi) AMD AM5 (Ryzen 7000) microATX Gaming Motherboard(DDR5,PCIe 4.0,2xM.2 Slots,2.5Gb LAN,Wi-Fi6,2xDisplayPort,HDMI,Front USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C,BIOS Flashback,M.2 Q-Latch)

There is a ASUS tuf 620m pro. If I can find it.

ASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS WiFi Socket AM5 (LGA 1718) Ryzen 7000 ATX Gaming Motherboard(14 Power Stages, PCIe® 5.0 M.2 Support, DDR5 Memory, 2.5 Gb Ethernet, WiFi 6, USB4® Support and Aura Sync).

Both are PCI 4.00. For those with experience and knowledge, is there a reason I need to have another pci 4.00 slot? I only use one video card at a time. Is PCI 4.00 enough for newer video cards? nvidia 3000 or 4000’s series. (Still trying to find a good price)

Gigabyte motherboards work, but I can’t find one with ecc memory support and the features I need. My current gigabyte is still working after 7 years.

AMD5 7 5000 series. AMD5 7000 series. Can someone clear up this terminology?

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Radeon Graphics(amazon sale)

I got scammed by the amd fx series 8 cores, when it was actually 4 cores. First, will this work with motherboards selected? This CPU is actually has 8 cores? Performs well?

I’m aware of various websites that have automatic matching. I need a human to match these correctly.


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No. That motherboard will only work with AM5 socket processors. Which at present, available to purchase, are the Ryzen 7000 series. The Ryzen 5000 and earlier desktop processors use the AM4 socket.


+1 for ECC memory. Btrfs and zfs has all the error checking you’d want but if the memory is corrupted it will happily destroy data with no one being the wiser.

The person who created linux said that ecc memory checking you should get and turn on for system stability. The experts on various websites mention ecc memory is server type memory for long-termstable operation.

On here, what do you experts on say about using ecc memory for system stability?

With amd and intel, based on the motherboard I’ve chosen, can I get a comparable intel motherboard cpu memory in terms of value and speed? If so, name which motherboard and cpu? to go with my current memory.

Lowest prices for 6 core amd is $217 or $224.


EEC is good idea but not all mother boards support it!!!

@lord_valarian ECC ram is more common in servers and workstations, I have it here on HP Z440’s…

pinxi -m
  System RAM: total: 128 GiB available: 125.7 GiB used: 6.41 GiB (5.1%)
  Message: For most reliable report, use superuser + dmidecode.
  Array-1: capacity: 512 GiB slots: 8 modules: 8 EC: Multi-bit ECC

ECC RAM costs more, has lower frequencies. Usable for NAS & servers.
Intel reserves ECC for server market. For AMD you can use ECC, read specifications.

Some CPUs:

Unlike DDR4, all DDR5 chips have on-die error correction code, where errors are detected and corrected before sending data to the CPU. This, however, is not the same as true ECC memory with extra data correction chips on the memory module. DDR5’s on-die error correction is to improve reliability and to allow denser RAM chips which lowers the per-chip defect rate. There still exist non-ECC and ECC DDR5 DIMM variants; the ECC variants have extra data lines to the CPU to send error-detection data, letting the CPU detect and correct errors occurring in transit.[16]

So, to get full ECC support, use ECC RAM + compatible CPU + compatible mobo.

Thanks all.

Both of these support the ecc memory I bought. Now, after I bought it, I found they have an ecc at 5800.

The difference in speed isn’t that much and it’s also ecc memory. I could get it this one, but originally I couldn’t get the memory to order, some website error from the manufacturer directly. So, I have an extra memory chip with a different speed.
That is the question. Can two different speed chips 4800 and 5800 be on the same motherboard?

Next question, for motherboards, do I have any reason to have a second pci 4.00 slot? If i’m not using a second video card?

Additionally, the amd5 7600 vs amd5 7600x. 7600x is double the power, but not much better performance. 7600 is about $200. If any higher cpu is faster and not much higher in price, say 7700, tell me.

I’ll need to check myself, if this motherboard supports it. I don’t see much difference, what should I be looking for?

The Lx cache terms. need to look that up too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. They can work at 4800 together.
Running 4800 at higher clocks means overclocking.

ILL Ryzen 8X00G series CPUs lack ECC support.

Well, I did some checking the cpu’s I was looking at only support up to 5200 speed. I don’t have the money for more.

If a motherboard supports 2 pci 4.00 slots, do I have any reason to buy that higher priced motherboard?

The 7700 has 8 cores and the 7600 has 6 cores, both 3.8g speed. Web articles says, most games don’t support multi-core cpu’s. Is this true?

Do I have a need for those extra 2 cores? Reasons?


For gaming you wouldn’t want to spend extra for 8 cores when 6 will do, but for VMs you would want as much as you can get for a fair price.

Well the difference is about $100. On linux, the extra cores could give me a small increase in speed in converting videos.

7600F is the 7600 without Intg Gfx

7700 $270 - $329

motherboard 2 pci 4.00 slots, reasons why?

7600 $219-$269

I guess $100 is not much when amortized over 5/10 years, however long you plan to keep the machine. The actual CPU performance itself is unlikely to improve much in the coming years (unless you’re looking at NPUs and such packaged onto the CPU die) so you wouldn’t want any regrets causing you to upgrade prematurely.

Just my 2c. It’s your $$$ after all :wink:

Seeing as no one voted for 2 pci 4.00 slots with only one video card, I’ll stick to less costly motherboards.

I couldn’t find any ddr5 gigabyte motherboards that supported ecc memory. If anyone finds a similar motherboard, post here by the end of the month.

I’m undecided for 8 or 6 cores. I’ll leave this blank. This is an individual needs. So, make your own choice. PS, $285 is the lowest 7700, but they are out of stock. Wait for prices to go down, I’ve been waiting for about 3 years. :slightly_smiling_face:

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