Building a cyber security lab

I’ve seen articles and books about the best distros for creating pen testing or cyber security labs. I’ve never really seen SUSE mentioned much. Why is that and does SUSE support many of the pen testing, cyber security tools used on Linux? IF I were to undertake this with SUSE, which product, LEAP, Tumbleweed, et al, would be the best?


If I understand you correctly, you wish to begin “Penetration testing” of a site connected to the Internet – correct?
And, you wish to begin in the Cyber Security business and/or set up a Cyber Security business – correct?

As to why SUSE and openSUSE are hardly mentioned in published information about this business, probably lies within the business as such …

  • Personally, I wouldn’t trust any
    information published about the systems used by the people involved in the Cyber Security business.

Possibly, you could consider working for an established Cyber Security company and then, when you’ve gained enough knowledge, leave that employment and, set up on your own …