Build new kernel

In order to install Avira and dazuko, i have to build a kernel with “linux capabilities” as separate module. How can i do this?

See Andrew’s kernel guide @ A Frustrated User’s Guide to Linux

you can’t. kernels starting 2.6.23 don’t allow capability module to be not built-in into kernel, i.e. to be compiled like module. kernel developers took that decision for some reason.

see this topic

to build a custom kernel take a look here and also search the forum, recently there was a topic for that.

especially for dazuko & Avira, only way right now to make them run (i mean avira on-line guard not on-demand scanner who doesn’t need dazuko) is to build a kernel with dazuko built-in. brief instructions:

download the patch from bug report i gave a link to above and remember location

install needed packages: kernel-source MATCHING your running kernel, gcc, make - if unsure yast -> software managment -> check and install patterns “Base development”, “C/C++ development” and “Linux kernel development”

IMPORTANT: if you installed dazuko rpms from repos - uninstall them!!!

now we go - execute the commands as root in terminal - i give the examples for current 11.0 kernel

cd /usr/src
md linux-
cp -R linux-* linux- -> this will make a copy of kernel source tree
cd linux-
make cloneconfig
zcat <full path to patch you downloaded and remebered location> | patch -p1
make xconfig ->gui will appear
click on General setup in the left panel and select Local version in the right one
change the string from “-default” to whatever else, for example “-dazuko” without quotes
navigate to Security options in the left panel, close to bottom, and select it
in the right panel mark Dazuko support and Dazuko boot parameter
save and exit xconfig utility.

continue with commands in the terninal now

make bzImage
make modules
make modules_install
make install

if everything is ok, you have a new kernel :slight_smile:
reboot, select it in grub menu and (re)install avira

NOTE: you may need to reinstall the video drivers for the new kernel