Bugzilla login broken?

URL used: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org

Whenever I try to login, I get an error message that the login already exists.


I’ve cleared the cache a few times and retried. I’m guessing instead of login, I’m being routed incorrectly to “new user”. However, you can’t create a bug report without login, so I’m dead in the water.

Working fine here - I would contact the administrators by dropping an e-mail to admin (at) o.o for assistance.

@bazaarjack did you use your IDP email to login?

The openSUSE Heroes team does not maintain the Bugzilla application. Contact the email address that is linked on the Bugzilla front page instead.

The error shown seems to be very common with existing users on the new SAML provider.

Thanks for that info - I should have realized that that part of the infrastructure wasn’t the Heroes team. :slight_smile:

No, if I attempt to use the email address as the username it doesn’t authenticate.

I am using the IDP username/password which authenticates, but then is seems to route me to creating a new user which already exists.