Btrfs Not releasing space in root partition (in Opensuse 13.1)

hi there,

i have opensuse 13.1 with btrfs filesystem.

and its not releasing any desk space in root

this is what i have

linux-4v2w:~ # btrfs filesystem df /
Data, single: total=412.19GiB, used=409.37GiB
System, DUP: total=32.00MiB, used=52.00KiB
Metadata, DUP: total=3.50GiB, used=2.74GiB
linux-4v2w:~ # 

i deleted over 80GB of space but its not released them soo i try to :

linux-4v2w:~ # btrfs fi balance start -dusage=5 /
Done, had to relocate 0 out of 420 chunks

but its not help.

and just want to say that i deleted all my snapshots and backup my data to another drive
thans a head , nir.

Have you rebooted since you deleted that stuff?
If you delete a file that’s still in use by some process, it doesn’t really get deleted immediately, but only after every process that used it has quit.

So the free space might not show up until you reboot.

yes i reboot and still the same .

i hope it will release it soon before the space will be zero :\

Hm, and what files did you delete?
Are you sure they were on /? (/var/run/ is not on / f.e.)
Are you sure they really took 80GB? (hint: there is something called “sparse files”, f.e. an 80GB file that is empty doesn’t take ANY space at all, so if you delete it you won’t gain anything of course :wink: )

Other than that: no idea, as you said already you deleted all snapshots.

Are you running Snapper (the default for btrfs on root file system)? If so, did you change the default settings for snapshot cleanup?

How did you delete the snapshots, i.e. by what method?

i delete the snapshots by the yast---->snapper tool

and the type of files that i delete it’s just media files and i dont think that it’s related to any process

and i don’t change anything in the /etc/snapper/configs/root because i delete all the snapshots (in yast->snapper)

Ok, but were they really on the root partition?
Those processes would have been killed by the reboot anyway.

I suppose you don’t have a separate /home partition, right? I can’t really see any other reason for having a 412GiB root partition that is nearly full… (heck, my whole hard disk only has 80GB :wink: )

But, again, /var/run is not on root, and /var/run/media/xxx/yyy is actually some other mounted drive/partition. So if you deleted something in there, you will of course NOT gain space on /.
Just mentioning, to avoid a possible miscomprehension.

its in “/srv/www/htdocs/Wtd/Media”

and yes i have a separate home partition . :slight_smile:

it is very weird my root space getting down every hour and there are no snapshots. its the first time that i see this kind of leak without any reason .

what if i try

“btrfs balance start /” in live CD can it help?

I see. Can you please run command: btrfs filesystem show, and post the result.

If you run the command snapper list, do you see any snapshots listed in the terminal, such as the original first one, the last hourly (single), or any pre/post such as from when you use YaST?

well i solve it .

i delete the snapshot in the dir .snapshots(that it doesn’t was in the snapshot list) by:

btrfs subvolume delete /.snapshots/{snapshot number}/snapshot/