btrfs new install dual drives

Hello Everyone,

I am sort of new around here. I am going to throw Tumbleweed on my laptop. I have 2 drives… a 128gb SSD and a 1TB ssd. In other distros I have always used the smaller drive formatted to ext4 for / and swap and the larger formatted to xfs for /home. I would like to take full advantage of snapshots and i’m not exactly sure how my usual partition scheme should change if at all. Any guidance would be great.


You won’t have too much flexibility with snapshots, today they must be on your root partition.

Unless you’re running intensive system apps or have a special reason to place your root/swap and /home on different drives, just locate all of them on the same drive. To do this, resize at least one partition on a drive to free up as much contiguous free space as you’d like for your new TW and install accepting defaults.

Or, if you really want to continue to install the same layout scheme for your new TW, then free up space accordingly on both your disks, then during your install you can select an “Advanced” layout option, and then point or describe your mount points however you wish.


Note if you use BTRFS on root allow a minimum of 40 gig. For TW maybe 50 because of all the updates. Snapper can eat up a partition