BTRFS maintenance?


I’m currently running OpenSUSE TW and would like to make sure I’m using BTRFS maintenance properly. I’m not very familiar with this, so ideally I’d like to set it up and forget about it.

I haven’t found much documentation online about whether BTRFS maintenance is enabled by default or not, or if I should tinker with any sort of settings to get it going.

I have the btrfsmaintenance package installed, but if I run the commands listed in this post, it seems I have no services active.

Does anyone have some pointers?

Thank you.

@shelomoh You need to check the timer status systemctl list-timers, not the service…


Ah, I see it now. Balance, defrag, scrub and trim all seem to be set to run in about 2 weeks.

Thanks for your help!

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