btrfs file system damaged


I have damaged my btrfs root file system.

I´ve run into a known problem: My system got unresponsive because the btrfs process and / or btrfs-transactio process used 100% cpu.

I´ve waited for approx 3 hours for those processes to finish. As they didn´t, I´ve made a restart (with shutdown, no hard power-off).

After that, my system didn´t start normally. I started in recovery mode and waited for the file system checks to finish. After that, the system still didn´t start normally.

So I booted from a stick and ran btrfs check --repair, which showed and repaired an incredible amount of errors.

My system still doesn´t boot normally. I am now doing a backup of my other partitions and consider a new installation.

Or is there hope to repair the file system (I am definitely not a file system guru)?

Also, I consider to use ext4 for my root partition for my fresh installation. I had a similar problem some weeks ago, but then recovery mode recovered my system. It seems that btrfs is more a file system for experts.

Thanks for any ideas,


Did you allow sufficient space for snapshots to accumulate?? 40 gig for root partition is a minimum needed. Any less and you have a good chance of running out of space on BTRFS with active snapper.

Also may want to check the health of the drive just in case it is starting to fail

I had 80 gig for / , about 40% were used.

I´ll check health when the backup is finished, but the drive is 3 month old (samsung evo ssd).