Browser video issues.


I dual boot Tumbleweed & Antergos both using Gnome. Having strange issues on Tumbleweed with video playback using chromium which doesn’t happen on Antergos. A good example is the online news site all videos say failed either through network issue or video is unsupported. Same site works with no problem using Firefox & Midori both using Pepperflash and on Antergos using Chromium.

Any ideas?

OpenSUSE is open source only, so it lacks codecs for proprietary formats, like flash, mpeg and the like.
Be sure to follow the sticky threads in the multimedia subforum here:
I guess that you need to subscribe to the Packman repo and switch your packages to the versions available there.
Then report back if you still have problems.

As far as I am aware, I have all the multimedia installed (Firefox & Midori work with all video formats as I stated in the OP) and I am using Packman and everything is up to date.

I have just uninstalled & reinstalled Chromium & still the problem remains. It also wont play videos in Twitter saying, “this browser does not support video playback”. So what could be missing that doesn’t affect the same files in Firefox and Midori plus videos in Facebook play fine too.

Do you have chromium-ffmpeg installed? (not chromium-ffmpegsumo, which is the free but crippled version)

That was the problem :slight_smile: Deleted chromium-ffmpegsumo & installed chromium-beta-ffmpeg (beta was the only option offered by trying to delete sumo) both Twitter & Daily Mail vids now playing

Hm, chromium-ffmpeg should be there.
It is for 13.2:

wolfi@amiga:~> zypper se -s chromium-ffmpeg
Daten des Repositories laden ...
Installierte Pakete lesen ...

S | Name                      | Typ   | Version             | Arch   | Repository          
  | chromium-ffmpeg           | Paket | 48.0.2564.109-834.1 | x86_64 | Packman Repository  
  | chromium-ffmpeg           | Paket | 48.0.2564.82-71.1   | x86_64 | Packman Repository  
  | chromium-ffmpeg           | Paket | 48.0.2564.109-834.1 | i586   | Packman Repository  
  | chromium-ffmpeg           | Paket | 48.0.2564.82-71.1   | i586   | Packman Repository  


And looking at the Tumbleweed repo with a web browser shows it is available there as well…

chromium-beta-ffmpeg is intended to be used with chromium-beta as the name implies. It might work now, but will probably break if there’s a new beta version.

Btw, you wouldn’t have to explicitly remove chromium-ffmpegsumo. If you select chromium-ffmpeg it should be uninstalled automatically.
I think uninstalling chromium-ffmpegsumo will automatically select chromium-ffmpeg, maybe that’s the reason why you didn’t see it?

chromium-ffmpeg was on the list using Yast2 but wasn’t available as a choice when uninstalling chromium-ffmpegsumo. Yast2 only let me use the Beta (unless I was doing something wrong) but uninstalling the Beta to install chromium-ffmpeg was allowed & I now have it & all is right with the World.

Thanks for taking the time to point me on the right track