browse joined domain entering authorized shared folders without credentials

Hi all,

I have a linux box joined to an active directory domain.
My problem is that I want to browse the local network and enter the shared folders with the same account I have logged in my linux box with my Leap 15.2 .

So I enter my linux box with my , after that with dolphin browse the network and enter the network folder directly without having to insert my login credentials again ( of course in the shared folder where I already have my rights to enter ). This usually works in other linux OSes that are joined in my network but not with Suse. Do I have to enable samba domain configuration and sssd configuration at the same time?

This is not happening and I cannot understand how to solve this. My configuration is based on the Suse tutorials, I joined the domain using yast User Logon Management ( sssd ) and selecting active directory domain. Everything else seems to work quite well, except for some GUI root privileges I cannot manage for domain users but this is in another topic I already opened.

any idea?

Best Regards,

I haven’t managed to grasp the issue you’re experiencing (I don’t have much experience with samba in a domain environment), but just in case this KDE bug report is relevant somehow…

In any case I’ll follow this thread with interest. Hopefully, others who can help will chime in here.