Brother printer requirements

I’ve installed 15.5 afresh, so I’ve begun to work my way through my last thread here. Before I spend more time, I’m wondering if:

1-Is there such a thing as making any IP printer print without installing any of CUPS?
2-Is there such a thing as making a Brother print without installing any OSS 32bit packages, just the rpms from Brother’s web site?

I don’t see any point in installing anything related to USB printing if it can be avoided. Mine are only used with IP connections.

It seems like installing any 32bit package is an invitation for dependencies to eventually cause unrelated other 32bit packages to install as well. One of the reasons I installed 15.5 instead of upgrading from 15.4 was to lose cruft, but I forgot about the time involved in making printing (and scanning) work. :stuck_out_tongue:

CUPS provides the framework for applications to print via print queues. It manages the workflow for given print jobs, including the filter processing. Even driverless printing depends on CUPS, so I wouldn’t entertain not using it.

LPRng can be used for some print environments, but not for most ordinary users.

Some of the older Brother drivers do depend on 32-bit library support as you’ve found, so unless you can cope without them, just roll with the flow IMHO.

If your network printer supports printing from port 9100 (using the AppSocket protocol)
then it possible to send a PDF file to the network printer using netcat with something like

nc <IP address of hostname> 9100 < file.pdf

I’m interested on the op’s intention to make it work.
Please see this links:

That first link shows nothing more than what I already did, and driverless printing doesn’t do away with CUPS. :wink:

Just showing the consequences :grinning:
Yep cups will be there, just the brother driver not included, that’s where I am interested.

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Driverless printing (as I mentioned in my initial reply)? Give it a shot. Start by making sure IPP and mDNS are allowed in the firewall.

Check that a capable printer can be found…


Is the network printer of interest found?

Set up a queue…

sudo lpadmin -p <print_queue_name> -v <device-uri> -E -m everywhere

You can email print

And there are generic PCL6 drivers that work with brother. You have to test.

Off to a lousy start? :stuck_out_tongue:

# ippfind
ippfind: Unable to use Bonjour: Daemon not running
# driverless
ippfind: Unable to use Bonjour: Daemon not running
# zypper se -s Bonjour | grep package
Reading installed packages...
# opi Bonjour
1. perl-Net-Bonjour
Pick a number (0 to quit): 1
You have selected package name: perl-Net-Bonjour
1. devel:languages:perl:CPAN-N ?             | 0.96                      | noarch
Pick a number (0 to quit): 0

Well, it does rely on the “avahi-daemon” being present.

If you really want to try manual driverless configuration and you know the printer IP address already, you can try the following configuration…
sudo lpadmin -p <print-queue-name> -v ipp://<printer IP address>/ipp/print -E -m everywhere