Broken CJK fonts

Hello! I for some reason have completely broken CJK fonts and don’t really know what to do with it (I am a noob in linux). I have installed noto google fonts additionally, but that really changed nothing . Would appreciate any help


When you say you’ve installed noto fonts, are you referring to the google-noto-sans-cjk-fonts package?

I’ve installed the noto serif one

This does not answer the question. Please tell the real name of the package like The_Seeker did as there are 80! noto-serif packages available in openSUSE…

Additionally a failure description would help. Not all forum members are fluent CJK speakers/readers so your screenshot doesn’t tell much. For me it looks like a mixture between CJK and your major language. But for Youtube not unusual…

I second that. Tried to figure it out myself by opening the link you posted as screenshot.
Besides the fact that of course my home language is shown in the youtube surface instead of Russian cyrillic it looks pretty much the same, as in I also have “Vo.” in latin letters in between the CJK letters. So, probably that’s just how the video is titled.

And well, I can’t read Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

Did you experience problems with CJK fonts outside youtube or firefox?

It’s google-noto-serif-cjk-fonts. The failure description is that all CJK letters, be it kana, kanji, hangul, look very small (size 4 or 5) in firefox and, additionally, are not shown at all in other applications, like discord (blank squares instead).

Answered a bit above. Yup, problems appear outside Firefox, other apps don’t show CJK chars at all

How did you do that?

Besides installing the noto fonts, did you also set them in the KDE settings?

from software opensuse website

I am not sure, how is it done?

I am not a Plasma user, but: System Settings/Font - KDE UserBase Wiki

See also: Fonts - openSUSE Wiki

Okay, nevermind, I’ve managed to properly install them myself