Broadcom-wl shows "no driver"

hello, everyone.

i’m running tumbleweed on a late 11 mbpro with broadcom-wl wifi driver. and it stopped working after an update recently - inxi -n returns “no driver” and there’s no wifi connection. if i remove broadcom-wl wifi works with some sort of generic driver - bcma-pci-bridge.

i had a similar issue on fedora (ikr) some time ago, but the problem then was with me accidentally turning off needed update-repo so the driver couldn’t update properly. but now i don’t know - it’s a fresh install (ikr) with minimal tinkering on my part.

actually, nevermind.

the issue occured maybe a week ago, but right now i tried to reinstall whatever the latest broadcom-wl driver version available and it works just fine or at least seems to do so.


can’t see the solved button though.

well, acchually…

the situation is as follows - it (with regular system updates) keeps updating broadcom-wl driver and it either (rarely) works properly or (rarely) totally breaks after update showing limited connectivity (=no internet) with active wifi connection demanding package removal or (most of the time) works as bcma-pci-bridge.

so as it is a low maintenance “non-crippling” issue i kind of tend to not bother, but if anyone can give any advice on a possible course of action the help will be much appreciated.

Can you try this Repo and broadcom-wl, broadcom-wl-ueficert and broadcom-wl-kmp-default.

It’s build for Kernel 6.6.2 today and will be the next one in Packman Repo.

If secure boot is active, you need to reboot and add my key to the mok.

Change the URL to the right one

nope, no luck, unfortunately. with broadcom-wl/-kmp-default (which are installed simultaneously) it’s no internet, with uefi-cert it’s back to bcma-pci-bridge.

I do not understand.

You have installed the 3 Packages from my Repo, rebootet and on restart added the uefi key when the blue mok screen pops up?

After that you have restartet and no Internet?

So post:
uname -a

Sorry, i got carried away and misrepresented abit - it’s not no internet this time, it just won’t connect to the wifi. Anyway, i also misunderstood you and tried instaing either or instead of all three packages at once. The thing is, it ends up the same - cannot connect to the wifi.

As for this, i’m not sure i’m following. Since idk what secure boot is i can only assume it’s inactive or whatever and so i don’t need to activate anything. And also i have no clue what’s this uefi keys business and mok screen (i’m no jumping to googling too because it’s not clear yet i’ll really need this).

Linux localhost.localdomain 6.6.2-1-default #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Mon Nov 20 11:22:36 UTC 2023 (263a855) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

idk if this is at all relevant, but with broadcom-wl installed (for both regular and sauerland’s repos) it manages to detect 5ghz network (as opposed to bcmi driver which only sees 2.4ghz), it just can’t connect to it. meaning the chip and driver are working at least semi-properly.