Broadcom-wl shows "no driver"

hello, everyone.

i’m running tumbleweed on a late 11 mbpro with broadcom-wl wifi driver. and it stopped working after an update recently - inxi -n returns “no driver” and there’s no wifi connection. if i remove broadcom-wl wifi works with some sort of generic driver - bcma-pci-bridge.

i had a similar issue on fedora (ikr) some time ago, but the problem then was with me accidentally turning off needed update-repo so the driver couldn’t update properly. but now i don’t know - it’s a fresh install (ikr) with minimal tinkering on my part.

actually, nevermind.

the issue occured maybe a week ago, but right now i tried to reinstall whatever the latest broadcom-wl driver version available and it works just fine or at least seems to do so.


can’t see the solved button though.