Broadcom BCM43224 Bluetooth not working on Tumbleweed

It’s me… again :slight_smile:

Updating to Tumbleweed (so 3.0 kernel series) seems to break my Broadcom BCM43224 Bluetooth (WLAN is working fine). Again… can I have some direction please?

P.S. I didn’t know if I should have posted here or in the Networking section… is this the right place?

  • Did you use some extra modules? (Some of them are not available for Tumbleweed without self compiling)
  • What if you blacklist (not use) your WLan module, does Bluetooth work then?

I didn’t compile any module from source, so am I interpreting your question right by answering “no”?

I’m using broadcom-wl driver (but issue is present with b43 too), so I blacklisted wl module by adding

blacklist wl

in /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf; after a reboot doing a

lsmod | grep wl

shows no output but wireless functionality is still there… so maybe I should blacklist another module?

An update: I discovered that the problem is 3.0 kernel, since Bluetooth is fine (I just tried to discover a new device, but it works at least) just until I update to Tumbleweed. With 3.0 bluetooth icon disappears from the panel and the device is not recognized. Moreover, the correct model is BCM2046.

Any help?

You’re not alone, this is a commont problem with kernels 2.6.39+.

Since 11.4 is using 2.6.37 everything is working fine, but once you update to 2.6.39 icon diappears and bluetooth is “not recognized”, although ARAIR it is visible in devices.
I had the same exact problem with my old USB bluetooth dongle (SiW chipset).

I didn’t find a solution other than replacing it with other dongle (Cambridge chipset).
Fortunately it costed me less than $2, and new dongle is working fine.

What is more my old wifi card (Ralink RT73 chip) is having trobule running with recent kernels, I wonder whether linux is evolving or rather regressing :frowning:

Here is my story:

I submitted a bug in bugzilla although my hardware is different than yours. Thanks anyway.