Brightness and dim

I hope somebody can help me out, since I’m kinda new to linux. I’ve just installed Suse 11.1 (Gnome) on my new laptop (Lenovo SL400) and everything is working great pretty much out of the box except for brightness and dim setting. The Fn + up and down brightness keys only seem to work during the boot up process but not after. Also the brightness settings in the power management doesn’t work (moving the slide bar doesn’t change the brightness when on AC power), and the backlight doesn’t change when I go to battery power, the screen just stays bright instead of dimming.

When I press the Fn+brightness keys after boot up, I do get a popup that shows a little sun icon, but the little slidebar underneath it doesn’t do move.

Any advice? Is something wrong with the gnome power manager?

I have similar problem with my Lenvo Thinkpad SL500. In my case screen stays dim all the time, suspend doesn’t work and other acpi related problems occur. I think the problem lies somewhere in new kernel because with older one I have been able at least to control screen brightness.

I heard somewhere that whole SL brand is not ThinkPad at all, it uses IdeaPad firmware and is supported via standard acpi kernel modules not thinkpad_acpi.ko But it should be possible to have at least decent (if not perfect) acpi control. I know this because I had Arch Linux installed for a while and with kernel from this distribution things worked with some minor errors only.

If someone knew (and shared the info) what in new openSUSE disturbs acpi I would be very grateful.

I have a quite different problem: during the start the GDM (login screen) the display gets maximum brightness. I can to change the brightness level via Fn+Up/Down but next time login will switch the display brightness to maximum again.

OpenSuSE 11.1 (since yesterday and still disappointed yet :frowning: ), Dell Vostro 1400.

Same here with 11.1 on my Lenovo N200. Screen is on full brightness all the time, adjusting via fn keys doesn’t work and the brightness slider in the powerdevil profiles menu is not clickable…

I miss kpowersave :’(

I’ve thesame problem with brightness controls not working (and the screen is very dim, definitely not max brightness).

I haven’t checked during login - but the volume controls work and so do Fn+NumLk, Fn+Home and Fn+End, so it is not a Fn key issue, per se.

Lenovo 3000 V200