Bridged network & Virtualbox howto?

Hi.I have suse 11.1 with Virtualbox 3.12 running Winxp guest. Until now I used NAT as network type and I could access internet from guest machine without problems. Now I would like to set it up the way, that I can have access to my guest machine from the host, therefore I thought of using bridged network option in VB, but unfortunately it doesn’t work out of the box, I can not ping the guest machine from the host, while vice versa it goes ok. I saw a tutorial about setting up this Virtualbox Network Bridging - openSUSE, but haven’t tried it out yet, because I’ve read a few web pages, about bridged networking working out of the box in newer versions of VB. Am I missing something here, or must I use the “hard way” to make it work. Thanks for you help.

That HOWTO is out of date. Bridging in VBox is much easier now, you can set it up from the VBox GUI and it just works. Read a recent VBox manual.

thanks ken_yap, I’ve already checked Sun VirtualBox®, but it doesn’t help me much :frowning: As much as I understood the latest documentation, the improvement is that you don’t need to create a TAP interface, which is still used in mentioned suse tutorial. Don’t know much about networking, but it looks like I can’t just select “Bridged Network” via gui in VB an attach it to my physical nic eth0, to make it work. I guess I still need to create a bridge interface in suse. I don’t want to mess up with my networking in suse without proper need to much. Does anyone have more experiences with bridging VB? Any online tutorial would be nice as well :). Any advice is much appreciated.

You can see from here (written for Debian though) that since 2.1 it hasn’t been necessary to create any bridge interfaces explicitly. You just bind the VBox interface to the physical interface using Bridged Adapter and off you go.

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This is a bit wierd. I did a reboot of the host and now it looks like working :, I didn’t adjust anything, just selected “bridged type” as network option in VB and attached it to nic eth0, I hope it will also work tomorrow :), thanks for help.

It will. The tape device get create automatically at boot by the virtualbox kernel module. You’ll just have to recompile the module after a kernel update with : /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup… if the Yast developpers didn’t already solve that case.