Breeze Dark theme icons broken since may

the breeze dark icons are the same as breeze light since the Plasma 6 update in ~May
here’s an example:

this causes readability problems on most programs since may and i was unable to fix any reliable fix for a while.
the only workaround i could find requires to use another icon pack. which sadly doesn’t solve the issue, it only hides the problem, and in any case it’s not the same as using the breeze dark icon theme.

i’ve searched the subreddit and nobody talks about it.
on this forums i found atopic or two, including my own, but they all got closed automatically and still no fix was found, only a workaround.

Same here, but picking it up in Evolution mail client only. If you look closely you’ll see a bunch of dark on dark images hiding next to the text:

Could it be limited to applications that use the GNOME/GTK Breeze Dark theme only?

Theming and GTK apps seem to be a bit of a rabbit hole: Making FDO icon theming useful for app developers again (#132) · Issues · xdg / xdg-specs · GitLab

From all the plasma 6 distros I’ve used only opensuse seems to be affected. What do other distros do to bypass the issue?