Brasero does not recognize blank CD/DVD

All I recently downloaded SuSE 11.3 but still currently running 11.2.
I open brasero and try to burn a DVD but it does not recognize a blank CD/DVD in the drive.

Any ideas? I have no problem with the DVD drive when I put a CD in with information it mounts right away!!!

I am perplexed.

OK I have been pouring over all the threads I can find. At this point I have update all the software and lib’s and even installed K3b and nothing recognizes blank CD/DVD in the drive so it is not an application issue.

I have added myself to the media group and that is not helping. K3b does see the CD/DVD drive but does not see blank disks.


Does the drive work in any other OS? Optical drives are prone to fail suddenly. In this case maybe the DVD laser has failed, leaving the CD laser fine. I have a DVD-ROM drive with the reverse problem, it won’t read CDs but reads DVDs fine.

Yeah go figure you are correct!

I used my usb drive and it works perfectly…always the simplest answer works best!!!