Bracket highlighting in kile

I have OpenSuse 11.4 with KDE 4.6.2 in my laptop. The version of Kile I am using is 2.0.86. I would like to change the bracket highlight color from Black to Yellow (In previous version of Kile it was yellow). I have found no option to change the bracket highlight color in settings -> configure kile. The documentation says that it is possible but does not mention how. Can anyone help me in this regard ? Thanks in advance.

I guess you need to build from source or need some code hacking to do it.

AFAIK Kile uses the Kate kpart for its editor; so changing the settings in Kate Settings>Configure Kate>Fonts>Highlighting text may be the answer.

Thanks for the reply John, I figured that the bracket highlighting is done via
Settings> Configure Kate> Fonts & Colors> Colors > Additional elements > Bracket highlight. If one does not want the text between the brackets to be highlighted, then go to Settings> Configure Kate> Appearance > Advanced and uncheck “Highlight range between selected brackets”.