bootloader: add file iso?

i love very opensuse 11.2 with kde 4.3.5
then i wanted to say you for my idea (it’s for future version for new features… :slight_smile:
then actually there is usblive:
uniboot, usblive fedora, winusb ect ect
i think for opensuse new features:
there is type session:
-clone selection
-file iso (new feature)
this file iso is very COOL then usblive…because …for example i can download file iso of opensuse 11.3 develop and add file iso in boot-loader and
-restart opensuse 11.2
-boot menu list chose file iso
and start boot and install from iso without usblive…
this is good idea for new features?

No one here can help you you need to post to the developers. We are just a bunch of users helping one another. Present it as one idea at a time.

You will find mailing lists here

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