Booting Without A Graphics Card

Im trying to do a PXE boot onto a target machine without a graphics card (I/O is done through the serial port using an application I wrote and inserted into the boot scripts in the initrd image on the TFTP server side). Whenever I try to boot it seems to load the kernel but it stops boot and gives an error that there is no graphics card installed. How do I bypass this? Is this something the kernel checks and I can fix by changing the kernel compile configurations? If so which option? Or is it checking for the video card in one of the boot scripts?

You can divert console output to the serial port. Sorry I don’t have any URLs for you, but I’m sure a search will get you howtos for this.

Thanks for replying. I do that when I specify kernel args but the kernel still expects a graphics card when it boots. Is there something in the kernel compile options?