Booting from USB-stick

I have HP 2331 mini laptop, with SLED 10 installed. I tried to install unetbootin to be able to boot from USB-stick. But installing just did not work out. From unetbootin -page I found out that SLED is not supported.

Is there any other way to make SLED USB-bootable?

You may find some options here, but this the openSUSE forum:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) - NOVELL FORUMS

Also have a look at Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux. Also: How to Install SUSE to a USB Flash Drive | USB Pen Drive Linux
If you download and install unetbootin, it should run on sled10.
Remember, you also need syslinux.
The other solution is to install using another computer and then run it on your hp.