Boot Splash - NVidia - 12.3

Hi there

I came up with a problem after installing Nvidia drivers which caused the boot splash screen not to show, and some loading bars have replaced it in a 640x420 resolution.
I believe its a nvidia bug cause the same happened back in the days when i used ubuntu.
Is there a way to get it back?

Thank you all.

You may need to check out YaST==>Bootloader==>Bootloader options
and it should resemble this

Yes i used that to configure my grub2 but what i meant was the plymouth splash screen after that. Basically its gone.
Sorry if i didn’t explain myself clearly.

What nvidia card are you using?

You can try updating the plymouth bootsplash and see if it will revert back to the original
The original bootsplash theme is openSUSE, you can find it in /usr/share/plymouth/themes

Try this commands to update plymouth in the terminal as superuser

First run this

plymouth-set-default-theme openSUSE

Second run this


All those command will be run in terminal as superuser

After the second command is finish reboot your machine


After running those commands there was no change. As i said earlier, the resolution is too low after the driver installation, how to changing it to normal?
I´m using driver 310.32 on an nvidia 9200M.

Can you check your video resolution in your grub2 bootloader in the kernel lines
You can open the bootloader in yast2 to see it if you don’t want to open the directory manually.

I checked the resolution, and when i changed before installing the drivers, it was to 1280x720, 24 bits (mode 0x37b).
Now i tried 1024x768, 24 bits (mode 0x318) and it works. Dont know why the 1280x720 fails to appear but its better 1024x768 than nothing.

That’s good. You have it working even on a slightly lower resolution. Actually it is not a huge difference.
Maybe you may find a way to increase it someday.:slight_smile: