Boot screen lost....

I repaired grub installation in OpenSuse 11 by using repair tool in the dvd but now it doesnt appear the beautiful booting bar of the system, any ideas?

according to yast
the only parameters are:

splash=silent showopts

What happens if you append vga=0x314 on boot (just type it in on Grub screen)?

i tried it, it doesnt fix the problem,
the only difference is the size of the letters during the boot (from the dmesg and the various init scripts) which is smaller

Can you please post the output of these commands?

cat /boot/grub/menu.lst
sudo mkinitrd


you were right, thank you very much…


I added using yast the vga=0x314 parameter in grub
and after that manually I executed command
mkinitrd, in the next reboot everything was ok…

thanks a lot…