Boot problems with 4.4.87-25 kernel update

Here’s a weird one:

Ever since installing the kernel-default-4.4.87-25.1 update, grub is unable to boot the default kernel. That is, once the grub main menu appears, if I let grub boot the default kernel (no keyboard interaction…just let the grub timer expire), the screen immediately goes black and the system reboots.

If I simply press <enter> at the grub main menu, everything boots fine. In principle, this should be the same kernel that failed to boot above…

I can also navigate to the grub advanced boot menu and all of those selections seem to work as well. It’s only if I let grub timeout and boot the default kernel with no interaction that the system reboots.

Anybody seen this or know where to poke?

For sure, it is weird.

It doesn’t happen here. I just tested.

I’m guessing that it is a BIOS issue.

I have one computer where, occasionally, the BIOS ignores the keyboard. So I wait for the timeout, and it boots. Actually, I would prefer it to behave as you are describing. That way I could make a different boot choice. The idea would be that if there is no keyboard activity, the BIOS firmware assumes that the BIOS did not initialize properly, so it tries again.

Again, that’s only a guess.