Boot problem after 15.5 -> Tumbleweed upgrade

After upgrading from Leap 15.5 to Tumbleweed, my system failed to boot with a message:

No filesystem could mount root, tried:
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,2)

I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to dracut failing during the upgrade process. The relevant lines of output are:

dracut-install: Failed to find module ‘atiixp’
dracut[E]: FAILED: /usr/lib/dracut/dracut-install -D /var/tmp/dracut.X8M8eJ/initramfs -N ^i2o_scsi$ --kerneldir /lib/modules/6.3.7-1-default/ -m pata_atiixp ata_generic fan atiixp ide_pci_generic jbd ext3 edd
dracut[F]: installkernel failed in module suse-initrd

The /etc/sysconfig/kernel contains the line:

INITRD_MODULES=“pata_atiixp ata_generic processor fan ahci atiixp ide_pci_generic jbd ext3 edd”

Notice that both “pata_atiixp” and “atiixp” are present. The atiixp module does not seem to exist, so dracut fails to install a valid initramfs. The file /etc/install.inf, however, does not contain atiixp:

InitrdModules: scsi_dh scsi_dh_alua scsi_dh_emc scsi_dh_rdac pata_atiixp ata_generic cdrom sr_mod usb-common usbcore usbhid st sg thermal iscsi_boot_sysfs

I’ll try removing atiixp from the INITRD_MODULES line, run “dracut -f --kver 6.3.7-1-default” and reboot.

Can anyone hazard a guess how the atiixp module ended up in INITRD_MODULES? A leftover from the upgrade process? What is the meaning of the /etc/install.inf file relative to /etc/sysconfig/kernel? Is one of them meant to be an information source for the other, but the other did not get updated properly during the upgrade? EDIT: I just realized that /etc/install.inf is prehistoric. It seems to be a leftover from 13.2, almost 10 years old. Please ignore everything about /etc/install.inf.

Thanks, Alex.

I am not sure there is an “upgrade” path for this. You better explain what you did instead of giving this vague statement.

I recently upgraded from Leap 15.4 to 15.5, using the 15.5 Network Image .iso. Yesterday I upgraded from 15.5 to Tumbleweed, using the Tumbleweed Network Image .iso. The Upgrade option of the Tumbleweed .iso recognized the system as 15.5 and offered to upgrade it, so I did that.

For the record, removing the offending modules, running dracut and installing the boot loader again fixed the problem.

Would it be feasible to have the installation program print a warning that dracut failing will leave the system in an unbootable state and perhaps offer an option to edit the list of modules in INITRD_MODULES and then trying dracut again?

I’ve opened an Enhancement suggestion for this: 1213222 – Better warning and error recovery when dracut fails during installation

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In this bug report again you fail to explain how you upgraded.

It might very well depend on the method if your problem arises or not. Most people do an on-line upgrade and that could easily be hassle free for this point. Many other swill use the full installation ISO and not the Net installation ISO to use the Upgrade function there.

Thinking that others by instinct will understand what you did isn’t helping mutual understanding very much.

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