Boot/Install from iso over network?

Is it possible to either remotely install an OS or boot from an ISO on the network (or some other way to install from an ISO on the network)?

Not clear from your wording whether you mean you only have remote access to the machine and want to do a remote install, or whether you don’t have a CD/DVD drive and want to install over the LAN.

The kernel and initrd can be booted using DHCP and TFTP which can then do the install over NFS.

I think what I meant fits with PXE and “wake up by Lan” if I understand that stuff correctly.

PXE uses DHCP and TFTP, yes.

WOL is not related although it is also implemented by the BIOS code.

If you want to boot the kernel and initrd using PXE to start an install, there should be a tute somewhere at the OpenSUSE wiki. Basically you have to configure a DHCP server to load pxelinux onto your mobo which will then pull in the kernel and initrd images that you serve using a TFTP server. So that’s two services you have to configure. Complications could arise if you have a DHCP server already on your LAN due to a broadband router. Anyway that’s your starting point.

Yeah. I am also looking for possible solution. I download the DVD iso images and run checksum, they match. However, when I burn them to disk … check installation media fails. This happed to me 4 out of 5 times. I always feel like I am throwing away the DVD’s.

Based on OP’s post and as well as my issue / understanding … I want to have this download & checksum matched iso somewhere in network accessible either by http / ftp, and would like to keep the installation done through this image, (ofcourse using corrupt dvd to atleast boot up as it fails somewhere while installing)

Search for network install on the opensuse wiki. You start off with the NET install CD and you need to be able to export the directories in the DVD image by NFS, SMB, FTP, HTTP or TFTP. You can also skip the NET install CD if you can extract the kernel and initrd from the NET install CD image.