Boot gets stuck at "A start job is running for for Flush journal to persistent storage"

Hi there,
I am running last week’s thumbleweed.
When booting (in recovery mode), it seems to get stuck in:
“A start job is running for Flush journal to persistent storage (15s/ 1 min 33s)”
Once it gets to this stage, I can only hold the power off button.
Also tried with previous kernel versions: same behaviour.
Any suggestion?

Did you wait the full 1"33 ?
Did you try waiting longer ?

When using BTRFS on a relatively slow HD (e.g. a “small” disk on an aging laptop) “Flush journal to persistent storage” may take quite a while, 1 minute or so is not that uncommon.
If that is your case, there are some workarounds.
But if the system is really “stuck” (see the questions from Knurpht) that is a different story and we need more details to be of any help.