Bonobo Error

Hey all,

I’ve run into a pretty serious error in OpenSUSE 11.0 with Gnome: I booted my computer and logged in without any problems, but when my desktop (Gnome) loaded, I had some pretty serious errors occur. The first time I logged in, the desktop loaded black with a Bonobo error from Nautilus (see below). I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and tried logging back in, and there was no Gnome panel on the bottom of the screen. I tried to run one from the terminal, but I was told one was already running. I’m currently using Failsafe mode in KDE3 to type this, so at the moment, Gnome is out of action. The screenshots of the errors are:

Error 1: (Screenshot)
Error 2: (Screenshot)

Any ideas? Frustrating that I can’t use my desktop. :frowning:

Thanks in advanced! :slight_smile: