Bold incompatible with [code] aka [pre] aka ``` + ```

In the old forum software, like all other forums I’ve used, it was obvious how to apply bold within text formatted as code/pre. Clicking on B here after selecting text to apply bold to has no effect between ``` pairs using SeaMonkey or Chromium. Apparently we need an easy to find HOWTO to produce bold text here.

[post deleted because I just realized what the OP meant]

It’s not a straightforward thing (likely due to what Discourse uses for its markdown interpreter), but it can be done using pre tags and b or i tags:

Normal text
Bold text

But for highlighting something in a log file (for example), this might be less convenient. Here’s what I put in the editor to achieve the above:

Normal text
<b>Bold text</b>

So it seems the easiest thing to do is to replace the open/close triple ticks with <pre> and </pre>, and then use <b> and </b> to accomplish your goal.