Bluetooth with ATS2851 chip

Hi there,
I own a Bluetooth 5.3 USB adapter. Unfortunately everybody know it’s not working with Linux stock install.

  • Is there a way to get it working adding a good driver?
  • If not when it will be available?

Just to repeat that the Bluetooth 5.3 USB adapter has a ATS2851 chip.

Please stop this nonsense. We know it, that your BT adapter use a ATS2851 chip.

Sorry to bother you.
I had the experience where important information was only in the title and I forgot it when reading the details of the issue.
Please, don’t take it personally. But thanks, you reveal me that I am the only one to make this error, I am not perfect.

BTW, do you have an answer ?

If you want to use bluetooth now, buy a supported adapter.

The kernel developer are working to support the ATS2851 chip, but it is not done already.

[PATCH] Bluetooth: Add new quirk for broken set random RPA timeout for ATS2851

[PATCH] Bluetooth: Add new quirk for broken extended create connection for ATS2851

unexpected SMP command errors with controller ATS2851

Thank you Kieltux for your answer.
I’ll wait, I hope not too long but I know development take time.

I am having this same exact problem, though it’s an XDO BT 801 (which based on at least 30+ minutes of googling, does also seem to have an ATS2851 chip, and there’s at least a newer BT 832 version out there as of may. There is also a BT 802 & BT 805 version, which some of these share a manufacturer with UGREEN, not just XDO)

Some of their older versions may have used a realtek adapter, but, others use the new chipset, which seems to be the way things will be going forward.

If the problem is the linux kernel, how do we…bump this priority with the kernel developers?

@carljr2007 welcome!

Do you run Leap or Tumbleweed?

Tumbleweed has a quite recent Linux kernel while Leap is behind.

I run Leap 15.4
Do you think it’s working with Tumbleweed?

Not sure if it is working for Tumbleweed but as I wrote, it has a pretty recent kernel, so worth a try.

You can just boot from a USB stick and check.

I installed Tumbleweed 20230610 64bit, kernel 6.3.6-1 default Mate 1.26.1
No luck, can pairs, then computer says connected but other device can’t connect. Then computer says disconnected.
We have to wait.