bluetooth pairing

in openSUSE 11.3 where can I put PIN for bluetooth devices pairing using just command line?
Thank you

Just a note - I don’t use any GUI and need to control a bluetooth device remotely from the command line. In SuSE 9.3 Pro there was a text file /etc/bluetooth/pin which was a part of bluez-utils. In openSUSE 11.3 there is not such a file neither bluez-utils. Any suggestions?

There are a lot of bluez-* packages, sure there’s none containing what you need? IIRC bluez-utils was to be integrated in the bluez package, but I cannot find anything about it right now.

I have all bluz* packages. Anyway I tried to pair a BT device via kbluetooth-devicemanager which works. But I can’t find where it stores the PIN.

The Bluetooth keys are stored in this file:

  # cat /var/lib/bluetooth/<BluetoothHwAddr>/linkkeys 
  <BluetoohDev1HwAddr> 12345678901234567890123456789012 0 4
  <BluetoohDev2HwAddr> 13A390DF211661111111111111111111 0 6

<BluetoothHwAddr>: The MAC address of the Bluetooth device in the computer
<BluetoohDev1HwAddr>: The MAC address of a paired Bluetooth device
<BluetoohDev2HwAddr>: The MAC address of another paired Bluetooth device


Great. Thanks