Bluetooth no longer starting at boot

Since the 2023/10/05 update bluetooth will no longer start at login. It starts just fine when clicking “Enable” and I have verified the settings are to start at login, but no luck. At a loss as to what the next step may (Explain it to me like I am 5, I know basics but not much beyond that, haha).

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First you say “at boot”, then you say “at login”.

I assume it is “at login”, but login into what? Most probably some desktop, but you fail to explain which one.

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Thank you!

Yes, at login. I’m using KDE Plasma and Wayland This is the first time actually attempting to troubleshoot and address a problem in Linux as opposed to just either distro hopping or going back to Windows. I am determined to make it work haha.


Go to:
systemsettings->bluetooth->configure (down in the right corner).

does it say: on login, enable bluetooth?

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Yes Sir. Tried changing it to “Restore Previous Setting” as well, but that made no difference. Still does not want to enable on login.

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i got similar issue, i have to check “enable bluetooth” from tray icon and only then it recognizes my mouse, keyboard, headphone, etc

Just for additional information (for the scoping of troubleshooting), I’m in GNOME Wayland session, this issue didn’t occur to me. Bluetooth still enables after login and auto-connect into my Bluetooth Headset.

There’s a few Bluetooth fixes in today’s snapshot release (20231008).

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Looks like that did it!

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Nothing like an easy fix - too bad had to wait on it though :+1:

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Indeed, mine has been set to “restore previous status”, yet a few updates ago (I’m currently using cpe:/o:opensuse:tumbleweed:20240306) it stopped enabling it at boot, despite me not manually disabling it before every shutdown. Does anyone know of a Bug List report?

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