Bluetooth headphones paired but not connected

I’m unable to connect to a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. When I open gnome’s bluetooth settings they show up on the device list under their model name–Jabra Elite Active 75t–but they’re listed as “disconnected.” When I double-click on the device a small window opens up that says they’re paired, lists the address, but says the type is 'unknown." The slider button for “connection” is stuck in the off position and can’t be moved.
One suggestion I found on the web was to try to use pulse audio control but that didn’t work:

pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover
Failure: Module initialization failed

I’d appreciate any advice!

I found a simple solution to my bluetooth problem: In gnome’s bluetooth settings I first removed the headphones from the list of devices. Then I turned off my phone’s bluetooth. Then I pressed the buttons on the left and right earbuds simultaneously to turn them on. After that the earbuds were listed as connected in gnome’s settings and I could select them as the output device under sound. Finally I turned my phone’s bluetooth back on. Now the earbuds are paired both to my phone and to my laptop.

Glad to read you now have this working.

Thankyou for sharing your solution.