bluetooth does not work with kde modules, but it works with blueman and nautilus ?


I am trying to connect my samsung mobile to a laptop, with bletooth.
In Ubuntu it worked normally.

I have installed opensuse 11.3 KDE and tried to connect when KDE bluetooth module gave me an error that my mobile does not support services.

I have solved the problem by installing nautilus from official repo and blueman from factory repo and now I can connect to my mobile with blueman and browse the files with nautilus.

Is there a known problem with bluetooth and kde or something is wrong with my opensuse?

Thanks for advices

Currently there a two problems with openSUSE 11.3/11.2 Kbluetooth:

  1. It does not startup automatically (e.g. you do not automatically get a bluetooth icon in the system tray when a bluetooth adapter is detected/plugged in) so you have to run it manually.
  2. It does not allow PC/laptop controlled browsing. You can get around this by making your computer visible (ugh!) and using your phone as the initiator for pairing (if you must use this method then it is advisable to make your computer invisible again immediately after pairing) and transfers but this is usually just 1 file at a time (again ugh!).

Fortunately open SUSE 11.3/11.2 Gnome bluetooth is free of these problems. The bluetooth icon appears automatically in the system tray and its menu provides options for sending to or browsing/dragging and dropping files on your mobile.

You can add the Gnome desktop to your system via the Yast2 Control Centre/Software Management. In the Software Manager window, change the category selector from “Group” to “Patterns” and in the “Graphical Environment” section select “Gnome Desktop Environment” and “Gnome Base System” for installation. When the installation is complete you will be able to select which desktop to use for a particular session (the default desktop is always the last one used) at the login screen using the Session Type menu towards the bottom left of the screen.

I recommend this simple solution because:

  1. You can simply forget why Kbluetooth is one spanner short of a full set.
  2. You will have two desktops (with individual strengths and weaknesses) to pick from.


Well I dont want to have 2 desktops :slight_smile:
I want to have one that works :slight_smile:

On KDE my bluetooth does not work, and I can’t connect to net using mobile broadband stick - huawei…both works fine on Gnome.

KDE is nicer and richer…but still problematic…

And thanks for explanations…appreciate it!

You might want to search around the openSUSE Build Service and install bluedevil and libbluedevil packages. These are a new bluetooth stack from the author of kbluetooth.

wished you telled me this sooner…I switched to Gnome…but thanks anyway