Blind leading blind. SUSE newbie searching software for former Win user.

I have been asked by a friend to install Linux on a Medion Akoya e1222. He is a Windows user and knows nothing about Linux, but has listened to what I have told him about the penguin. openSUSE 11.3 seems to work best on his netbook of the current systems, but I know almost nothing about SUSE, being a Debian/Ubuntu user myself. I am trying to install the following software, but am finding it difficult to locate. Any help would be appreciated.

exaile (found exaile, but the python-CDDB is AWOL)
libdvdcss2 (found libdvdcss, but no version 2)

Are you using KDE or Gnome?
Instead of xpad, you can use similar ones for KDE (KNotes must be already installed).
Instead of labyrinth, I use vym (View Your Mind).
You may install others if you want:

zypper install vym
zypper install rednotebook
zypper install ripperX
zypper install exaile

Thanks for the prompt reply. Sorry, I forgot to mention that the openSUSE install type is LXDE, which has a smaller memory footprint for netbooks. So from the command line you can use zypper, but the same apps don’t show up in the graphical install?

I’m not familiar with LXDE. Someone else may help you with putting those programs in the graphical menu.

I don’t believe this is an LXDE issue, because I have been able to install other software both in the GUI and in the command line. I think that the problem is that these programs aren’t in the repositories. Particularly python-CDDB is irritating as it is a lib for Exaile, which can be installed using 1-click.

It is in the repositories. Make sure that you have Packman repository added.

Cool. Now I am only missing the following:

I have also noticed that I keep getting prompted to perform a security update of Firefox, despite it being uninstalled. How do do I get rid of that? My friend will get confused by that as Google Chrome is the only browser installed.

Go into Yast-Software management and make sure it is uninstalled and then black list it. (right click to get selections for the check boxes). That should do it.

Cool :slight_smile: Thanks.