Black screen after tumbleweed dup

Hi everyone
I just updated my laptop(hp EliteBook 874ow, Nvidia Quadro 2800M) with the following command:

zypper dup 

However, after rebooting a black screen appears and I only can login with nomodeset. This way the second screen is disabled and computer is very slow. Booting with recovery mode stops and displays following error:

I thought that the problem is with graphic driver (nouveau), but there is no significant issue in xorg log files as below:





hwinfo --gfxcard

The problem exist with a single screen too. Could you please help me!?


Your first zypper dup with a 6.2 kernel, maybe?

There are some issues with that kernel and (older?) NVIDIA hardware, apparently:

My only solution: boot 6.1 kernel and keep it, so that next zypper dup won’t delete… :frowning:

The kernel bug reported in the thread mentioned above led to nothing…