Black screen after clicking install button from USB ISO


I am trying to install OpenSuSe for the first time on a new laptop. I have Windows 8.1 installed already and I am attempting to dual boot on some unallocated space. I downloaded OpenSuSe 13.1 ISO and put it on a USB stick. When I boot from the USB stick A window pops up asking me whether I would like to install, check installation media, or recover. When I choose install or check media, another screen pops up and some linux commands start flying by for about a second and then the screen goes black.

I have disabled SecureBoot in Bios as well as FastBoot in Windows 8.

I have been searching the forums and saw mention of the black screen issue, but they don’t seem to be my exact issue. I do not currently have linux on this computer and I am attempting to install via a USB stick. I do not have an optical drive available.

Thank you for any help.

Someone helped me figure out the problem. The screen goes dark and you have to increase the brightness. I was able to install it successfully.