black pixels in videostreams

I have 2 computer ,both running suse 11.2 . In the 64 bit computer everithing is ok but in the 32 bit computer (IBM,Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz KDE 4.3.1"release 6" Philips monitor 170s , I see with all player (Kaffeine VLC etc) black pixels ,so as if you would see the video though transparent millimeter paper.Has anyone an idea?

You forgot the most important part; what display adapter and have drivers for it?

You are right! The display is Intel 865 G embedded in IBM board. Subsupplayer 69652. Unique key _Znp.9oM3JcpKgaD
What puzels me it is tha same computer where I ran Suse 10.3, Suse 11.0 and Suse 11.1, without any problems and with drivers supplied by Suse in the installation DVD.Excluded the millimeter paper effect, everything works fine.

I have explored the matter further ,and with Realplayer11 everithing works fine ,so it has something to do with codecs, but what precisely, eludes me.