bizaar...oh, indeed bizaar

hi all,
just to share my weird experience.
i have set up through yast dual screen situation for my laptop. well, external screen would be more appropriate term here. and after minor xorg tweeks it works very well - i connect external 1680x1050 monitor to vga connector on my laptop restart x and…i can work at home comfortably on large screen.
weird part comes now.
i was trying to make synchronization work between korganizer and google calendar so i have installed some opensync packages (i still couldn’t do that but it’s different issue). i also have installed multisync_gui package…and after reboot my external screen wasn’t working.:sarcastic:
i have checked xorg (maybe for some weird reason last changes influenced configuration) but it was in tact :(would be really crazy if opensync would alter xorg, but anywho). so i sought let me revert last changes - first i removed multisync-gui - and after x restart i got my external screen back. just for a fun of it i installed multisync-gui back and restarted x - external screen was lost again.
then i have installed quake3 (i didn’t looked for quake explicitly, i just wanted to play shooter game) - same story…

how in the name of all opensource community can this happened??? i can understand that some relative to video, xorg etc software would influence external screen situation, but when absolutely irrelevant software does this…i guess computers have there own mysterious ways rotfl!

but serious, if you have any ideas about this please share.

I’ve had a similar experience. This was a dual monitor setup with an on board Intel card and an add on Nvidia card. Every once in a while, on reboot, my second monitor would be blank. I found out that sometimes the pci settings on the second card - which was the one that would blank - would change. When this would happen I’d su to root from tty1. Go to runlevel 3. Run SaX2 -p which would show me the correct settings then all I’d have to do was edit my xorg.conf file to reflect the changes, then back to runlevel 5 and all would be fixed.

I have no idea if this is your problem but it might be a start in the correct direction.