Biostar/EVGA Hardware drivers

Hello folks,

I’m 100% new to Linux and just as of recently set up dual boot between Windows 7 and the most recent version of OpenSuse.

I haven’t installed the Linux Nividea drivers (its a EVGA model), or my BIOSTAR TZ77B motherboard, which has my Ethernet card. I figured things may get difficult when I installed the OpenSuse software and it was unable to connect to the internet to adjust the time and date. In any case I’m unsure if there’s any way to make this hardware work out or if there are drivers that are compatible. I’m hoping there is a downloadable solution since my old cd’s with the drivers are gone, and I dont think they had Linux drivers/software on it.

My specs are :BIOSTAR TZ77B , Intel I3 processor, EVGA Geforce GTX 550 TI 2GB, WD 500 gig HDD.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get these drivers located and/or installed?

Hello and welcome to the OpenSuse forums.

Just to clarify, you are needing assistance with network drivers as your not able to establish network connectivity and thus date date and time using time servers is that correct?
(You also mention your Nvidia card, which you can install Linux drivers for, but I believe the purpose of this thread is to address the network issue?)

If you do not have network connectivity, it may not be that your missing drivers, it may just be a network configuration issue.

Please provide the output to the following command, run in a root terminal:

#hwinfo --netcard

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