BIOS repair on laptop

I have an HP laptop that for a long time had boot issues. Removing the battery used to resolve the problem but no more. Booting leaves a blank screen. I tried using an external monitor with all that I tried, in case it was a display issue and the laptop actually was booting. That didn’t work. The laptop is set up as dual boot with TW and Windows.

The HP support forum said to boot while holding the Windows key and the B key to bring up the BIOS repair dialog. Doing that makes the dvd player spin and the fan run high. The repair dialog does not appear. Doing the key combo keeps the laptop running and it can’t be shut down. The battery must be removed to stop it.

HP offers a BIOS repair file. The procedure is to download the file which is an .exe file, insert a blank usb drive and run the .exe file. It is supposed to install the boot repair on the usb drive. This fails with the error message that the usb is write protected. It is not. Clicking on the .exe file expands the file into a number of files. Since I couldn’t get any usb drive to write the expected way, I found the expanded files on my pc and copies them onto the usb drive.

What is expected is that booting the laptop with this usb drive inserted will do a BIOS repair. However, the usb will not boot the laptop. I have tried to create the usb repair drive via a Windows install since it is an .exe file. The HP support site offered the identical file to repair a linux install. Is there someway to run an .exe file in TW? I am hoping to overcome the “write protected” error and get a usb drive that will run a repair on the BIOS.

Also, I have tried to run install discs and usb drives with TW and other linux OS but they don’t boot either.

@Prexy You need a fat formatted USB device for BIOS recover, I assume you tried F9 or F10 keys at boot? If not, then is the GPU or screen gone fuhbar?

The exe file will extract in linux (well on GNOME it does, just right click extract).

For BIOS updates here (HP Z440) I just drop the new bin file in /boot/efi/EFI/Hewlett-Packard/BIOS/New/ and boot into the BIOS for update selection.

It’s been a long time since need to do a BIOS recovery on a HP…

I’m using kde and the right-click extract is not available.

I did try all the F keys with no effect. Everything I’ve tried fails to get anything on the screen. That’s why I also tried an external monitor.

I copied the extracted files when running the .exe in Windows to the usb drive and tried booting from it. That failed. I wonder if running the .exe is more than just extract and if I can “run” it in TW since running it in Windows ends with the “write protected” error.

@Prexy what about right-click → open with and select an archive manager?

Is this problem on the same machine, related to the other post you have, about Cert Auth ?

I have ARK but it said cannot open an .exe file. As I said previously, when I ran the .exe file in Windows, it un-archived (?) several files which I copied to the supposed write-protected usb. But that usb doesn’t boot the machine as was expected.

No this is a separate computer: my HP laptop. Cert Authorizations pop up on my Dell pc.

@Prexy do you have a link to the sp download?

@Prexy the BIOS one opens fine here;
Screenshot from 2023-12-22 15-03-24

I do wonder, since you indicate that the battery has died, it may not want to boot anyway, newer systems use that for BIOS as well, did you check the internal BIOS battery if it’s there?

When my pc was booted to Windows, I got the files you show, by clicking on the .exe file, into its own folder. I then copied them to a usb drive. The laptop will not boot from that usb drive. By boot, I mean launch the BIOS repair.

By battery, do you mean the big battery that powers the laptop? Or, is there a BIOS battery? If that is what you are referring to, that really could be the problem. The laptop is some years old. There is no easy way to open the laptop. One video shows a guy prying off a panel above the keyboard with a screwdriver. That seems awful destructive to me. Also, that did not seem to expose much of the guts of the laptop.

@Prexy Both, the main batttery and the BIOS one. If it’s anything like the 4530 series I had, flip it over and remove the cover for ram etc, should see the BIOS battery from there or the wires.

Can you boot into BIOS?
Repairment needs legacy BIOS boot: UEFI - FreeDOS
You need bootable USB flash.
Try to use CDRW/DVD±RW.
Possibly you can update BIOS from Windows - if you can boot.
Last chance - use workshop.

No. I cannot boot into BIOS. I have tried the Windows key + B to get to the BIOS repair screen. Holding those keys while powering on gets the fan going full speed and some disk spinning but that’s all nothing on the screen and no response from any key I press.

I have tried bootable usb drives with half a dozen distros on them. They do not boot. I tried DVD install disks. No response. I am at the point where I believe the cmos battery is dead.

The main battery is relatively knew. Prior to this, it ran the laptop for hours.

There is a video showing disassembly of this laptop (HP Probook 4720s) that shows the cmos battery UNDER the mainboard. I started to disassemble and chickened out. My plan is to pay someone at the tech store to replace the battery. Then, I hope, it will be usable.

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