Bind install question

I’m trying to install BIND to use as the DNS backend to a samba AD DC. The BIND version that ships with openSUSE does not contain the correct options so I have two questions:

  1. If I install from source, how to I add the named service to systemd? or
  2. Is there a version of BIND in some alternate repo that has all the options enabled? I need it built with
--with-dlopen=yes --with-gssapi=yes


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

What guide are you following to set up your SAMBA Domain with DNS?
Pls provide a link or reference to whatever online or offline procedure you are following.


Although I’m still interested in what guide you may be following,

The following is the SAMBA documentation that describes downloading the BIND source, configuring and installing

The documentation is unclear whether compiling your BIND server automatically creates a systemd Unit file. If you don’t have one, I’m sure a suitable file is available somewhere online, but if you can’t find one, post and one will be provided for you.

After your DNS server is created following the above,
you can then configure your SAMBA integration as described in the following SAMBA documentation


Thanks for the response.

The links you provided are the guide I’ve been following. Compiling BIND from source does not provide a systemd unit file. I’ve never manually added a service to systemd, so I’m not sure exactly how to go about it. I did some online searching, but all I found were guides on how to automatically run a simple script file with systemd.

Taking a closer look at a system with BIND installed (from the OSS),
It looks like a Unit file does not exist,

Assuming that your compiled BIND is installed similar to the openSUSE version, you may be able to just execute the standard systemctl commands to start|stop|restart

systemctl start|stop|restart|status named.service

And, to configure your BIND to start automatically on boot

systemctl enable named.service


I tried that, it doesn’t work. I get the standard not found error:

Unit named.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

CentOS has a version of BIND which will work, I think. Maybe I’ll just try that.

If you run the following in a command line console (eg konsole), do you then return a usage?
Note, I’m now specifying “named” and not “named.service”

# /etc/init.d/named

If the above doesn’t work,
Then you should start your DNS as described in the SAMBA documentation and run the following command. If the following doesn’t work, then you didn’t compile succussfully.

# named -u named

If the above SAMBA documentation command works but the /etc/init.d/named command doesn’t work, then someone will have to build the DNS server and figure out what is going on… the /etc/init.d/named command is pretty universal across all Linux distros.